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November 18, 2006


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That's awesome that she's learning to sew! What a cute picture of her, too.I would give her sharp needles and sharp scissors, too. There is nothing like dull scissors that don't cut and dull needles (and a junky sewing machine, for that matter) to frustrate a kid who's trying to make something. My 2 year old helps me put straight pins into the pincushion, and he only had to get poked once to know that he needs to be careful.


Wat een ster, he?


those are *so* cute. and?i don't even know how to blanket stitch. sigh.

African Kelli

I'm telling you, I dream of having a daughter one day who I can pal around with like this! Such a great way to spend a Saturday.


Those are sooo pretty, and what a beautiful little seamstress! What a wonderful Saturday!!


How wonderful! My 5 yr old also started sewing. She too has the same problem of losing interest, but I don't finish it for her, I save it for later when she's in the mood. I say give her the real things, but teach her how to use and care for them responsibly.

Sarah and Jack

Awesome! These are very sweet.

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