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February 27, 2007


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wow! what a fun place to visit! thanks for taking your camera along.


I love reclaimation and salvage yards.There is always so much treasure but always at a price!Where in England are you coming to?

African Kelli

This is recycling/reusing at its best! BRAVO!!


Thanks for the link Mirre! Now, if I ever win the staatsloterij I know where to go look for stuff to renovate the old house I intend to buy ;) Seriously, I have been looking for simple untreated timber planks for the bedding surrounds in my garden and I was in the Praxis yesterday - unbelievable how much they cost! So I'll be looking in skips in the neighbour for old door frames etc so that I can use those instead. In the meantime I have plastic - yuck!


We have some here too. Wish they were cheaper too. Love the staircases - wonder where they led?


what a gorgeous place. WE lived near one too... but it was soooo expensive.If you fancy meeting up... let me know!

chest of drawers

I love those tiles and doors!!! Wonderful that you´re going to England...we´re planning a trip there for May so you´ll have to give me some tips. I can´t wait to hit those magazine stands.

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