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April 15, 2007


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Wow, I am impressed at your labour/dissertation story, mine was written speedily in 10 days from start to finish, and the day before handing it in I travelled overnight to london heathrow and back in a minibus to collect my husband (boyfriend then) and his band, who were returning from 5 weeks in America. I do think something happens as we get older or have children, I think it is the children, or maybe just that we are using our brains differently. I look back over my university work now and think 'wow, did I write that??!!!'
For me, as i think is the same for you, now is the time for being with my children and being there for them, sharing moments and all the little things with them.

Kim (Ragged Roses)

Hello - I definitely feel my brain is getting more addled! I think we just use our brains in a dfferent way now. I too did a language degree (French) and have wondered if I've used it properly but I know that I gained a lot at University and that experience has not been wasted.
Isn't this weather wonderful!
Kim x


I think it's all the sleepless nights, plus that we just have less to talk about because we never get to finish a sentence! In my house it's all 'It's *my* turn to talk now!' and then we wait to hear about how Spongebob Squarepants actually does play with his piemel...

It will come back in time... (the IQ I mean). Probably around the time that our grandchildren are due ...


LOL That baby held off coming out until they had the all clear!

I spent years in school achieving three degrees. When I finally finished it was such a relief to not HAVE to read something that I didn't read much. Then about six months after finishing I discovered fiction. What's this, I asked myself. It had been so many years since I'd read any that I had to remind myself how much I'd enjoyed it as a kid. Now I can't get enough of it and I prefer it many times over nonfiction as a means to relax. So to answer your question, yes, I guess I feel a little less informed now that I'm older and read much less nonfiction. But overall I am happy that I got my education and I'm happy that I'm able to enjoy fun reading now.


I definitely use my brain differently now. It's more about logistics and problem solving, but I do find that I crave using my brain in other ways. I think this is why crafting and my artistic endeavors are so appealing to me.


(our daughters have the same birthday! except mine was june 7, 2000!)

i do feel like i've lost brain cells - and my kids keep me feeling scatterbrained quite often.

however... watching (and joining in) their natural curiosity is amazing, and researching a topic with a child makes me feel like i'm continuing my education. also watching our public tv stations.


Very thought-provoking words. I gained a BFA in textile design and got married 1 week later. Needless to say my marriage was/is more important than a career. I've never officially 'used' my degree for pay and there are moments I wrestle with conflicting emotions about it. My husband says that I have used and brought creativity to all aspects of life - cooking, crafting, raising children, homeschooling (boy, that's a good way to keep up brain cells and learning! No getting 'less' intelligent here.), etc. I suppose he's right - just need to convince myself at times.


thank you for this post- it's something i often think about, too..
i think that since i became pregnant with my first child, i have been less 'intelligent' in a university-book-smart sort of way. But I haven't actually tried to write an essay since then, so maybe it's more a matter of being out of the practice of thinking/interacting with books and writing. I have found though, that since being pregnant and having children, I've had a surge of creative energy, and have such a different perspective on life. I wouldn't change it for anything.

p.s. i love those photos of your family in the sunlight!

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