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April 20, 2007


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Wow! I'm impressed that you went to a lecture by him. I used to have a list of authors I wanted to read, but recently everything seems all 'same same'. Does that make sense?

I just received the prospectus from the VU for studying English literature at Bachelor level. It's one of their part time courses so I'm sure I could do it. I wonder at the irony of being in a Dutch country going to university to study English when I am a native English speaker ... ;)

Kim (Ragged Roses)

Lucky you! He is one of my favourite authors - I loved Atonement and am looking forward to reading his latest.
Kim x


I just scanned my bookshelf and found I have read only one book by him, 'Amsterdam'. I remember reading it from the cover, and that I enjoyed it, but looking at the back I dont remember the story, I will have to re-read it now!

If you haven't read this one yet I could post it when Im done??!! I love Margaret Atwood, I always choose one of her books if I want a good read.


hey, we like the same writers... except I don't know Toby Litt.

I just finished 'Saturday' and totally loved it. Some of its observations keep coming back to haunt me.

I also like Margaret Attwood and Carol Shields. And Richard Ford. And Annie E Proux. And Garcia Marquez. And a few Italian writers too.


I cannot believe I haven't read a single book by those authors. I am ashamed!
My favorites:
Barbara Kingsolver
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Edward Abbey
Jamaica Kincaid

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