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July 26, 2007


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I'm so sorry love.
It's just that you never buy me mugs.
(Jealousy makes me clumsy) :(


I'm a bit jealous! I want a copy of Bend-the-Rules Sewing. And I much prefer the cover on your version of the Harry Potter book. I can't believe you are reading it so slowly! Savoring it since it is the last one???


Hey Mirre - I'm up to page 298! So yes, there is another slow reader in the world. My daughter read it the day it came out - 7 hours of straight reading (she did emerge from her room to eat lunch and a little bit of dinner). She keeps asking me what I'm up to now.... if she would stop asking I would get a lot more reading done...hmmm
I love your other books. I have admired the sewing book in the past, but as I'm not much of a sewer (yet) I think perhaps I should not buy it. I've only been able to master A line skirts - I'm too scared to move on from there. Although I do think I can manage the zippered pouch!!


Have no fear and read on. It's truly a GOOD BOOK!! And I also like your cover art better!! We all get a little "bookish" at times. Tomorrow will be a much better day as you finally get that car!!


I have the new Potter book but I'm still reading book 6, so I think I beat you at slowest reader!!! I did accidentally catch sight of a spoiler on someone's blog this morning, so beware!


the kids book illustrations are great! (and I don't have the bend the rules sewing book, so you are not the last!!!)


I love Kaffe Fassett - my mom bought me several of his kitting books. All the designs are amazing, but I would be 90 years old before I got one done. They are so intricate. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the mosaics. Have a good weekend in the new car!


The first book looks so great! AND I haven't even started on the HP book. Can't wait to do it soon! Oh, and "nice" to hear that you have those days too. I can't wait for my kids to start kindergarten again. I am "a bit" tired of sharing my craft stuff with them....


Ok, that elephant book is cracking me up! What is the title in English?

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