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February 08, 2008


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have a lovely break! it will be nice for you to get away and have some time to relax a little (I hope you do get time to relax!!). you have been very busy with all those tissue holders, I especially like the deer fabric, and those pretty ones made from handkerchiefs (I presume) are so sweet.


Oh Goodie! You deserve a break! Have a lovely time and come back with great pictures and updates! Enjoy!


I feel SO special! Thank you SO much for your package! I made my night when I opened it...I can't wait to share on my blog this weekend. You and your family have a great time!


Ah, you must be in your 2nd trimester. Lots of energy. Or at least more energy than the other trimesters. Have an enjoyable time. It does sound fun. (even if it is Disney)


I hope you have a great trip! See you soon!

the pesky bombolino

Have a great time- it's a really magical place x.


So glad you have listened to your body.If you need rest you need rest.Have a great time in Paris! xxx


Have a GREAT trip!!! When you come home, you need to REST!


have a great time - i remember doing the same crying thing. someone just asked me how i was doing and POW! sob city. you're nearly done, hang in there!


Have a wonderful time, tissue holder making Mirre. I love those fruity ones.

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