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March 24, 2008


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What a fun blog - I LOVE your dolls! Do you sell them? I also loved seeing your tummy - my daughter is due in 2 weeks - she looks much the same as you! She is having a boy - my first grandchild and I can hardly stand the waiting! Congrats to you on your wee one and good luck! Nan


wow, snow! i'm hoping we're done with that until next winter - finger's crossed! glad your kids got a chance to play in it, though!


Living near the coast means less snow for us. White landscapes always looks so peaceful.
Take care Mirre!!


I made wentelteefjes for my big Easter brunch! Keep that baby inside!


hey, the baby held out for the holiday! what a polite little one already.


It seems like everyone has snow except us! Its on our UK news all week, how the snow storms are upsetting everyones lives all over, and we havent had any, well, a flurry for about 3 minutes on friday, but that hardly counts! I am very jealous! You are so good finding so much time to craft for your baby, I am still decorating, ick! (I hate painting at 36 weeks pregnant). I have itchy fingers to make too.


We have had snow this morning, too. Maybe we even get to use the sled this afternoon since it has been snowing on and off all morning. That would be the first time this "winter".


wow i haven't had wentelteefjes for such a long time. i must mention it to mum tomorrow. perhaps they will be on the menu for lunch. unless louis puts his order in before me and then it will be poffertjes (excuse any bad spelling).
love the belly - can't wait to find out who is going to come out of there!


You look so ready! I love the little stove you have in your garden! It's great when those relaxing play outdoor days go with the kids! Best wishes for you in the next days :)


een onverwachte winterpret ! de kinderen zijn hier erg enthousiast en dat in hun paasvakantie, joepie!

Wat dat buikje van je betreft, dat is net zoals je kamer helemaal klaar. Succes !!
De babykamer is trouwens fantastisch geworden, en wat leuk dat je toch nog je matrouschka's gebruikt hebt.


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