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March 22, 2007


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Oh my, he is adorable, tears and all! I've never made Alex anything to wear either. It's been ages since I've made anything for Lily, so you're not alone.


ornery child, do you realize those are The Best Pants Ever?


wow, you sewed on a label and everything? crazy kid - how could he not like them!


Oh poor Simon and poor you. That can be tough. I like the striped pants - maybe he would like a softie with the same striped pants? Just an idea. Oh, and thanks for the comments about the bag. I'll have to finish it now!

African Kelli

You crack me up! :)


Oh, that was funny how your captured that! Keep them and show his wife one day!!!!

Dee Light

What a Doll!!! Cute pants too. Girls are fun to sew for, when my daughter was younger I made most of her clothes. But I just can't get motivated to sew for my son. I guess I should make him some pants. They are so cute!!


You know my daughter don't like to try them on to see if it fits while I'm sewing, but she likes to wear homemade stuff, and even more when she gets to choose the fabric (I'm trying hard to suggest there's more to life than just pink !)this little boy shouldn't cry, because these are such cool pants !

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