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May 03, 2007


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a new car? for free? amazing.

(and i really like your track lighting.)


oh my god! congratulations!! that is fantastic...

can't wait to see the photo!!!!


Congratulations! I am so excited for you! Wheee! Now I need to get my husband playing games like that. He played the one for the imac on the chips packets, but didn't win anything yet. Obviously your Michel chooses better games!

He looks so happy in the photo too!

(And yes, your windows are clean enough ;)


Wow - Congratulations!

That man deserves his kiss!


I seriously hope I didn't offend you with the comment about the windows. In fact when I read what you had written I had to smile as it brought back so many memories - all of which were good. We often get dutch visitors (mainly relatives) and there is usually a last minute panic to get the windows done. I think mum had issues as she only washed them once a month and her family and her sisters-in-law felt she should be washing once a week (this was maybe 50 years ago). Perhaps it was a family quirk. But I guess as a young child witnessing it all, I assumed it was a 'dutch thing' as they were dutch visitors.
So please, please, please don't be offended - I have a tendency to be abrupt, but I meant no offense. I love your blog, it seems to connect me to my birth country.

Congratulations with the car.



congratuations on the car! you've had quite a week.


wow! so fun!
and please, relax today - what a week!


Congratualations! Now you can just sit back and relax (in your new car...)! If it comforts you at all I try to wash my windows once a year, but I don't always make it...


This really is an amazing story...perhaps because the odds of this in America are just nill! HA- the window thing! Here it's 'spring and fall cleaning' if I saw a person washing windows every other day I would think they need help! ;)


Quite honestly, who is going to look at the state of your windows when winning a new car had everyone cheering for you. Well done, Michel...how very exciting.

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