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May 21, 2007


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oh my, that is a pretty ugly garden. The stone dogs- yikes!

sounds like you had a lovely time at the theme park. great photos!

jen b

such pretty hair. glad you had a fun day with your friends.


Love that garden! LOL There is one near me with all kinds of stone animals in it. I should go and take a picture so we can share the horribleness ;)

I can't believe you are near Slagharen! I was going to book one of their teepees sometime in the summer for the monkeys and me. Maybe we can meet up!

The hairdo is gorgeous :)


Oh my goodness, that yard cracks me up!
That hairdo is too cool! I shouldn't let Lily see it or else she's going to want me to attempt it.


the hair! the hair!

and oh my, the dogs! gah, the dogs!


Look at that hair! Amazing! I bet it took forever.

And, what is every kid's fantasy? To have easy access to a theme park! Wow.


Hey whaddaya doing taking pictures of my house???? Just kidding!... seriously though, I have to give that artwork a name... "Dogs in cat litter", how's that? The sad thing is it probably cost them a bomb to do it! Move over Alan Titchmarsh...


What amazing hair! It is really pretty.

That garden is ghastly!


That is sooooooooooo tacky, oh my gosh I almost fell off my see laughing.


Ooooh... for a moment I thought it was your front garden!

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