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May 07, 2007


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(cute shot of amber!)

well, how nice of you! i would love some mirre mail - i have some snotty-nosed boys who would love #9, and i quite like #3.

(but it's hard to decide - they all look great!)
that's cool that you sold some!

ps - my ikea opens in a couple of weeks! yippee! trying to decide whether to try opening day or not...


Hi there, you are so generous. I´d love that one with the dragonflies on it!


truly generous of you Mirre!!

i have my eye on 5 and 19...must be something about that little butterfly :)

i have to say, Amber did a great job styling :) a future career perhaps?


Hi Mirre,
after seeing so many pictures of all your holders it would be so nice to have one in hand. And since everyone here in Holland seems to have a cold these days it would be a good gift too!
I like nr. 10 and / or 15, with the cute little faces.
And to respond to one of your other posts: One of my favourite English writers is David Gutterson. Dutch: Toon Tellegen, (stories of mier en eekhoorn). Ria


Give me a 6! Give me an 18! What does it spell? Mirre! Mirre! Yeah! (I was never a cheerleader.) Thanks so much for your fun giveaway. What a nice gesture.


you are such a generous one, mirre!
and i think your daughter is a great stylist.


I would be happy to do a swap if need be, let me know if you're interested


That is very kind of you.

I would like either 13 or 8 (I think those were the right numbers). Either or. If noone else has requested it previously.


You have got to be kidding me...I just came home with ribbons (wide) to make my first tissue cover!!!! Yours are so pretty!


I'd love one. But I'm all the way from Malaysia. Would exchange with one of my crochet cupcakes? Interested. Come visit me at my blog.

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