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July 12, 2007


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These are definately the kind of simple things that make me smile too!!! =) Your post about Poffertjes below just makes me drool every time I come to your blog! We are coming to Holland in November and I cant wait for all of the lovely food and family time. I am off to buy Baby Floss a "big girl" bed this weekend too - they grow too fast!!


I love your little mechanic! Yes definately, the little simple things, a smile, a card, a comment, a hug, the eyes of a child, a bird taking a bath in the garden, your cat giving you a wink, that’s what makes life so beautiful. Aren’t we blessed if we can enjoy those little things?


Happy 200!!! Your generosity is endless!


love that pic of your cutie taking his baby bed apart!! TOOO CUTE


The suitcases are so cute :) And look at your little timmerman! :)

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