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August 01, 2007


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i finished hp too! once i got past the first 350 pages i was hooked and it made it easy to read - hard to do everything else i was supposed to be doing, but i enjoyed the reading.
lovely to see you are having some warm weather at last. enjoy the rest of your holidays.
ps emily made one of your zippered purses and it worked! she is very happy. pity i don't have a blog to post the pictures on.


i love it when the sun is shining -- but not when it makes me hot.

just call me miss picky.


hooray for warm weather - sorry you weren't able to make it to the pool. amber's towel picture cracked me up - that could be my daughter - totally what she does.


there is nothing better than that rosy glow that summer brings to a child's face!! the happiness, the sun, and the energy!! hope you get a chance to have some too!


I finished HP last week at the same time as one of my daughters! Glad the sun is shining for you too - so good to feel the warmth on our faces.
Kim x


I read HP the weekend it was released. I was going to wait a bit, then realised there were spoilers everywhere so I got stuck in and read it in one hit. It was really good :)

Chara Michele

I finished Harry Potter 2 days after it was released. I would have waited to read it but I was so afraid it would be spoiled for me:)


I read the book in 24 hours. It was Rowling's best yet!


How fun! I love pictures of pool water for some reason! Great little car! and I'm loving your 'bookish' feelings! Neat books!


I'd take swimming over blogging. We'll be here when you dry off. Enjoy!

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