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November 28, 2007


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Funny how they always forget the simple things you ask for. Last week my husband went shopping for me. I wrote a list, I wrote a great list, I listed the items according to the way you walk though the store, I wrote down brand names, I did a great job. And what did he do? Started to think - and brought home stuff we don't like, didn't buy things because he thought of better ways to do things. Yep, next time, I'll just tell him what we need and he'll do the rest.

Don't be angry, it's ok, we read your entries even if there isn't a picture.


Blackness all around then, isn't it? I hate it when it is dark when you leave for work AND get back when it is dark again. It's one of winter's most annoying drawbacks. And then if something simple hasn't worked out: the frustration! But as seemownay said, no worries, we love your posts anyway, because with or without photo, they are funny and entertaining and you're doing a great job! Only 2 days left of the NaBloPoMo, and you can relax into a more 'natural' posting habit, and provide your stories with great pictures by YOU!


I have been living without pictures the past one week. Something's wrong with the rechargeable batteries I have been using. Terrible pictures have been coming out on the digital screen! So you are better than me! At least you are posting words! hahaha while I choose to read other bloggers' stuff!


These short days are killing me! All my photos are dark, or they look weird because I've had to fiddle with them in a photo editor to make them look somewhat decent. I don't know how I'm gonna make it through the winter!

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