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November 26, 2007


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Sinterklaas is just about the best Dutch tradition ever, I think. I love the anticipation in the children's faces when they meet the old bishop, and getting a present in your shoe (even at 27) is wonderful. Happy Sinterklaas!


I promised some bloggers to post about SInterklaas, but do you mind if I make a link in my post to your post??? You have such wonderful photos and a great story!


Why thank you so much for this infomative piece. Its always great to learn about other cultures, festivals and life around our little blue planet! Blogging is a great medium. Thanks once again, Mirre! You are doing a great job!


And I do believe that Sinterklaas had a chance in his wardrobe in the bottom picture!


oops, CHANGE!

Sandra Evertson

Wonderful post!
Sandra Evertson


we used to celebrate when we first arrived in australia. but now, it's been 36 years and it's hard to remember when it's not acknowledged here - it's a pity really as it was such fun. instead i try and put up the christmas tree on the day.
i do remember getting the most divine chocolate letters - mmmmm the chocolate was yummy. i guess they still sell them???


Wow! Now that's put me in the Christmas spirit :)


so cool. thanks for sharing! i probably said this last year, but i like the idea of separating the santa and religious elements of Christmas. probably much less confusing for the kiddos!


your Sinterklaas festivities look so lovely, exciting and traditional. everything about christmas here seems so comercialised and full of the latest popstars and celebrities, we had the simpsons turn on the christmas lights in our small town! I like your traditions better, can i come and live with you?

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