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January 24, 2008


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okay, mirre, i was going to hit the post office tomorrow to mail my fabric to you! :)

i (my humble opinion) think you should stick to the matryoshka theme. but maybe not so much of the turquoise as you imagined. those japanese fabrics are amazing! seriously - and would be awesome in a babies room - very soft and pretty. WHAT IF you made some kind of curtain (linen, or some neutral color or soft blue or green - a solid, probably) and added a thick strip of one of the matryoshka fabric to the bottom. or top. or patchwork or half and half or something. i think it could be AWESOME.
email me back, i really will send the black/bright/turqoise stuff to you if you want it - but it doesn't seem to go as well now! mine pales in comparison to your new stuff! :)

Chara Michele

Oh I love the matryoshka fabrics! Those japanese fabrics are just amazing looking! I think Kirsten has some great ideas... and since I am terrible at decision making too, I am going to say go with her suggestions:)


I vote for using it all! It's bright, fun, and just awesome colors!...and hey, just think if something doesn't go, you have everything and can rotate it every month!


I love all the fabrics..but think that Kirstans idea was great, of keeping the curtains one colour and incorporating your matryoshka fabric.

the pesky bombolino

I'm with Kirsten too- maybe we should start a fan club?!!
Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get it all done before the baby comes- I think both of our girls were sleeping in our room for a good 6 months before the went into their own rooms. Do you do the same thing in Holland?

julie Crossman

Couldn't you applique on little matryoshkas (from your purchased fabric) under the trees? Maybe a few on the curtains, to tie in with the bed covering, which could be in your fabric? How big are those ikea trees? Are they compatible with the matroyshkas?


wow. i'm amazed at your commitment to your idea. when things don't flow as expected for me i just move away from it, then usually regret it somewhere down the line.

so now i can't help but wonder if our IKEA is stocking the same fabric...i could use some new curtains too and that tree fabric aould look just great in our room.

good luck with everything mirre...sorry to be of no help what-so-ever


I never liked nurserys where everything matched. I say make a quilt using both the trees and the doll print and voila! you have just tied them together and can use each liberally whereever you want!


Woow you must be having a difficult time, making the right fabric choices. I know how that feels. terrible !

Be well and don't worry to much. Worrying is not good for the baby, but tree fabric sure it good for the baby !!
have fun with the projects


wow! what hard decisions. my babes are all makig their own decorating decisions these days. i am ever so in love with every piece of fabric!

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