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May 19, 2008


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Hello Mirre and welcome to the world gorgeous little Linus! Congratulations to you all, it's such lovely news. Hope you're feeling better Mirre, it takes a while to feel normal again. I had my second daughter at home and I do understand how you feel. Amber is beautiful and tell her that my youngest stuffs her cheeks with grapes and looks like she has mumps too! Take care

Levin & Emily

i loved reading your birth story - i love hearing birth stories. i've written up each of mine for the kids to read when they get older. no doubt it will only be emily who is interested as she will hopefully go through it one day herself.
Amber with cherry tomatoes looks just like emily now, post surgery (see my latest post). she is gorgeous though - and yes, you do have beautiful children.


Hi Mirre! Just keep your posts coming, your fan base is well established! Ideally, it should be updated every day! LOL!

Enjoy visiting your blog ever so often and THANK YOU for sharing your life with us! You are doing just great!

Amber is beautiful!


I am not at all bias and I'll tell you I think she is adorable!


she reminds me soooooo much of my oldest daughter!

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