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May 15, 2008


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Yay! Wat een goed verhaal!


Things are sooooo different in the states! I can't believe you got to come home after a few hours. I did threaten my dr after baby #4 that if they didn't have a private room at the hospital (they said they were booked), that he could release me as soon as he finished stitching me up. They let me stay in the delivery room until a room opened up a few hours later.

I also had at least one baby with meconium in the water. It's a very scary situation.


thank you for sharing - and you know i love the name linus!


okay - i'm trying to write this with tears in my eyes. i love a happy ending. we don't often have home births in australia but i had my babies in a birthing centre which is more like being at home whilst being in a hospital. i do envy your system though - it would have been lovely to have had my babies at home. with louis i left within four hours of giving birth - people thought i was mad but i just wanted to be home without people watching over you - i found it more relaxing.
i love the name linus - i'm sure it suits him well. enjoy being a family of five, in my experience it's hectic but fun!


Thanks for sharing your story!


ooo...heeel hartelijk gefeliciteerd! Het is toch altijd zoiets bijzonders zo'n geboorte verhaal. Ik ben ook heel blij dat ik mijn twee meiskes zonder keizersnee o.i.d. heb mogen krijgen. Hier in Duitsland is thuis babies krijgen helemaal niet gebruikelijk en ik ben dan ook 2 keer in het ziekenhuis bevallen - het maakte me uiteindelijk niks uit...

Nou, fantastisch: ouders van drie gezonde kids - en ik moet zeggen je zag er behoorlijk vief uit na die bevalling ;)


welcome into the world little fella!

congratulations to you all. A job well done.


lovely story, glad that everything went well!

With my first I tore all the way through (called a 4th degree tear) and needed many stitches. Warm baths were wonderful!


Oh goodness! Oh my! And oh no! I have never heard about the baby's pooped and the green stuff! Thats a first!

And I love the part about the return journey!

And it was an amazing post! What an accomplishment - under four hours!


Glad that you and Linus were/are alright. I know it's disappointing to not have things go 'as planned' (my first had green amniotic fluid too), but in the end, the ideas fade and you are left with a bundle of joy. Congratulations.

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