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June 26, 2008


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I love the new bag and your new header on your blog!! Great work!


Look at Linus!! Oh my! :-)

That's a nice bag. I wish I could walk to the store. It's such a hike to the store (at least 20 mins by car) and buying food for this family would require me to pull a trailer behind if I tried to walk. Just not effective or efficient for us.


well hello linus!!! that may be the most awesome bag ever! i wish i could walk to get our groceries. just way too far.


great bag! and awesome fabric! we walk to the market too, but I have to be careful and make sure I'm always holding on to the stroller on the way back or it will capsize because of all the groceries.


How wonderful that you can walk to the store!!! We tried to do that once but my poor girls were scared to death that they were going to get hit by a car! There are no sidewalks :( Love the BIG bag!


Mirre, I believe that by writing about a problem you start to let it loose, get it away from yourself and then being able to start anew. I have had this experience many times: As soon as you talk or write about it, the problem seems to vanish.

Hope you have many more good days with Simon to come.

Nice bag!


Oh that last photo is wonderful! I love your bag, it is big!!! Such a good idea. I remember walking everywhere when mine were babies, it is just so much easier. Hope you have a good weekend and catch up on some sleep


Great bag. I wish we could walk to the store...or anywhere practical for that matter


Aw, look at those tiny pink toes! I'm afraid your beautiful babe had stolen the limelight away from your new bag!


Great shopping bag!

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