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June 23, 2008


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sounds to me like he is going through what my little guy is going through. he is trying to transition from toddler and "baby" to big kid. not even a little kid anymore. you guys have the complication of having another babe as well. try to let him find his voice and his place. it seems like this is more violent and aggressive than it was with our girls. they got sassy at this age then it passed. keep your head up sister!


Sounds remarkably similar to my little boy - also the middle child in our family, although my youngest is almost 2. Thomas will be starting school in September, and we're hoping some of this behaviour will iron out in the meantime.

the pesky bombolino

It sounds to me like you're responding to Simon's behaviour in the very best way. When we had Eliza, Annie became very naughty, while Eliza was still a very new, tiny baby Annie threw the remote control at her. She didn't mean to actually hit her and luckily she missed. I think at that age it's incredibly difficult- if not impossible- for children to understand how they feel themselves, let alone articulate their feelings. I'm sure school will help, in the meantime you have to stick with what you're doing and have faith in the fact that as long as he's sure of your love for him, he'll come through.
And maybe have a little medicinal chocolate and wine to see you through!


This sounds so familiar! We've been having issues with Alex, also the middle one. It sounds like you are dealing with it well. We've been trying the same things.


The best piece of parenting advice I ever got was from my midwife (who, with five kids of her own, was quite and expert). She said:

"Just remember, with kids everything always changes. Good or bad, it will be different again in a few weeks."

This single piece of advice has helped me keep my sanity these past 5.5 years. It reminds me to cherish every good moment, adorable milestone, and sweet temper... while giving perspective to those times that are something less than wonderful.

Best wishes during this difficult (but oh so transitory) time.


just give him lots of love. unfortunately this is all part of growing up which is never that easy, but he's lucky, cause he's got you guys for parents!


Awww, growing pains. I only have two, so I have no advice for the middle child. He's sure a cutie though!


I think the last thing you said was perfect...he is ready for school and to learn a little more away from mommy and daddy (a little time away is good I feel)! Yes, I think this is a issue ALL parents go through. I've noticed through my years (I have a 16 & almost 12 yr. old) that the odd years were the perfect relaxed years and then God has a sense of humor and has to change it up. I've always used positive reinforcement for positive behaviour and not too much attention to the negative acts or it gets worse. He is fine..if he is speaking really well just remember to let him know he can tell you when he is frustrated (and it's o.k.)but behaviour will get a consequence. I always remember (even for myself) if it was too easy than I'm not doing my job ;) I think you are doing just fine and 'this too shall pass' :) your kids are all so beautiful...it's something in the eyes! Love the 'hand' soap!


Ach, die tweede foto...ja, ik denk ook dat het middelste kind het in het begin (met een nieuwe baby) het moeilijkst heeft. En blijkbaar is hij toch lief tegen z'n kleine broer, dus moet die frustratie er op een andere manier uit. Ik heb nog een interessant boekje over kinderpsychologie liggen. Niet om alles plat te analyseren of zo,maar ik heb bij het lezen wel een paar keer "o da's interessant" gedacht. Het heet "The Magic Years" van Selma Fraiberg. Affijn, zonder boek komen jullie er ook wel uit ;)en Simon zeker!

Jen b

just keep doing what you are doing. showing him love is the best thing you can do. he'll move into a different phase soon. hang in there.

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