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June 23, 2008


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You are a very good mother. From your words and photographs from your entire blog, you exude caring and love for your family. This scenario is totally common - I had it with my daughter (2nd one in line then) when her baby brother was born. I'd like to say that she outgrew it...I just think that she and this brother struggle more than with the other siblings. Simon will come around. What you're doing is wonderful for him - encouraging him, spending time with him. It is a big adjustment for, having a little baby 'take his place'. But I'm sure as Linus grows up and becomes more mobile and better 'to play with', he and Simon will be great brothers.

Off topic: I really like your new banner - it's very playful!

Off topic again: come for a visit - I'm having 2 giveaways.



this is so much the the pain and wonder we feel with our micah...our middle one...we so often wonder what to do differently...

strength to you.


I was so glad to read this today!! I am having tough time with my 5 year old little floss who is the oldest (so no middle child issues) and is all of a sudden very aggressive, angry and temper as you mentioned. He has always been such a caring sweet and sensitive child so it has taken me by surprise. I hope this stage will pass as I am sure it will for you also - maybe it is the age for boys to start testing a lot more. Hope your spoonflower invite comes soon, I am dying to do some more fabrics (when I find time!!!)

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