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June 30, 2008


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okay...the skirt is fab and i have been living under the same rock. i am totally dying to be invited too! love being on a waiting list!


This is a lovely fabric. And a wonderful skirt as well. If I had enough time I'd say hey give it to me. But I honestly do not know whether I will be able to use it this summer.

I guess, I there is no fraying I'd just leave the skirt the way it is!

And I haven't heard about spoonflower either. But I guess, I wouldn't know what to "design" anyhow.


Hi Mirre,

Ever since I got back from my holidays (on a farm, where I had delicious warm meals for lunch and a light dinner in the evening) I eat a hot (or leftover from the previous day) meal for lunch. It is true, it contains more calories than a sandwich, but the miracle is: I don't go hungry for hours afterwards! I used to share the chocolate cravem but it is gone! So, maybe it'll work for you as well, and you''ll still get plenty of nutrition for the milk.

Good luck! The skirt looks fabulous, and I am glad you cut it shorter, makes for a very 'modern' mum.


Fold the edge twice and hem stitch the edge to the inside, it should be almost invisible since stretch fabric is a bit thicker? wish I could explain better! check:

I think it's a very cool skirt - well done!


Very nice skirt! FOr the hem, You could leave it as it because it won't revel, or you could fold over and zig-zag. With that print, it will hardly be noticed.


The skirt is way cute!! Have you thought of sewing wide double fold bias tape along the edge for a hem? That works pretty well.

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