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September 29, 2008


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he is adorable. my first baby is now 10months old, and I know exactly how you feel about these milestones, they can be sad and happy all at once. Like you I must always try to see them positively and remember that it all gets better everyday.
:c )


Great to see that you still keep your head up high. There will be a time when all is well again, hopefully it starts today! I am hoping with you!
He has gotten huge and so adorable, you have one hell of a cute baby!


oh, what a big boy! it's hard when they grow so fast! he sure is cute!


What a sweet baby! It was the same for me. I wanted her to stay a baby. Now she is two, and I can't wait till she is three.


How cute is he! I hope all the changes have a positive impact!!


i always found it hard - reaching these milestones, knowing they were growing so quickly. this was especially hard with louis as i knew he was my last.
enjoy every moment - they grow up so fast.


What a little doll he is Mirre. He's getting so big. I SO remember those first tastes of real food -- my babies pulled those same faces!


Well you know Mirre you inspired me with that stroller bag you made awhile back (that really big giant one...I think that was you..am I losing my mind...mental note to check your archives) (:

Congratulations on Linus' new milestones!


He's an adorable little boy, they grow-up to fast...don't they?

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